IPI Front Office


Resort Office Hours for Summer Season:

Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 5PM with mid-day lunch closure.

Sunday: Closed

On Sunday or after hours for a late arrival check-in, please pick-up the courtesy phone inside the cabinet at the Resort Office for assistance or call 760-342-8394. Be sure to let the phone ring, as it forwards to an available number.

The resort does not operate a 24-hour check-in desk. Late arrival check-in arrangements can be made in advance; we encourage you to do so.

No contact check-in is available, please email with your reqest.

If you are going to arrive after hours, please call the office at 1-760-347-7640 during business hours so that you may be instructed how to enter the Indian Palms Country Club and how to retrieve your unit key. Please ask for directions if you do not already have them as GPS or internet directions may send you to the wrong gate entrance.

* We may have limited hours during the summer months. Please check with the office for availability.

Check-In Procedure:

Resort summer season hours are in effect till September. A Security Deposit ‘hold’ of $150 is required at check-in. You may do this with a Visa,  MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards or a debit Visa, personal check (US funds), or exact cash. We do not charge your card; we only do an authorization. No refund is required with this process.

Utilities Surcharge: a $35 weekly fee payment is required at the start of your stay at Intervals. If staying less than 7 nights, the rate is $5 per day. 

Early Check-In:

Requests for early check in are not guaranteed. If you are arriving early at the resort on a Friday or Saturday check-in day, you will be unable to occupy your unit until each of our resort departments has completed their cleaning and inspection. Guests are not allowed to place groceries or other personal items into their unit prior to a completed check-in.

Late Arrival:

If you are unable to check-in during regular office hours, please make prior arrangements with the office 1-760-347-7640 for late arrival instructions. If you do not notify the office, you may encounter some difficulties. The resort does not operate a 24-hour front desk. The best time to make late arrival arrangements is between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Check-Out Procedure:

Check-out is by 10:00 a.m. on your designated day. You are asked to dispose of your trash. There are trash dumpsters located throughout the property on each street. The blue recycle bin provided in each unit will be disposed of by staff. Please load and start the dishwasher. Make sure all windows and doors are secured and locked before turning in your keys and gate transponder.